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Today we have brought 10 such important for those blogging on WordPress WordPress plugins About which almost every bloggers needs. These are all such plugins whose work is different and all these make your blog even smarter.

Friends, I have already told you about how to do blogging on WordPress and how to make a blog, this post is part of the front of that article. If you have not read that article, you can read it from the following link. I would like you to read this article before reading it WordPress plugins Let me understand about you better.

How to Install Plugin on WordPress?

Before knowing about plugins, you should know how to install it on WordPress? There are two ways plugins are installed on WordPress. In the first place you will get thousands of miles for free on WordPress itself and it is very easy to install it. All you have to do is click on the plugins on the right side menu of the WordPress dashboard. The plugins that are already installed will appear on your WordPress. To install a new plugin, you have to click on the Add New button at the top, as soon as you click, you will see a lot of Free Plugins. You can install any plugin as per your requirement and activate it.

The second way comes the plugins that you buy from other sites. Purchased or third party plugin you will find in zip file, you just have to upload it. To upload any plugin, you can go to Plugin ⇒ Add New ⇒ Upload Plugin from the WordPress Dashboard and upload and install the plugin of your zip file.

# 10 Most Important WordPress Plugins

All the plugins mentioned here are not only for Bloggers but all the people using WordPress. The plugin described here fulfills all the requirements of regular use. Then let us now know about all the plugins without any delay –

# 1 Contact Form 7

Contact form is required for inquiry on almost all websites and blogs. For this need Contact Form 7 The plugin is the best. With this, you can make contact form according to your needs, in which all the related features are given. For your convenience, a form is already given in it, if you want, you can edit it and put it anywhere on the website. It is very easy to install it with its shortcode.

#2 Yoast SEO

Be it a blog or a business website for almost everyone SEO That is required. SEO Only through your website appears on Google. How to manage it in such a situation? Yoast SEO Can be taken by plugin Once you install it on your WordPress, it will automatically tell you to set it step-by-step. Almost all SEO managers use this plugin.

# 3 WP Super Cache

It is very important to have a Cache Plugin for WordPress. With such a plugin, the speed of your website is good and it sets all the things related to the speed for your website like compressing code, HTML Static etc. if you WP Super Cache If installed, it makes your website’s Cache, which speeds up your website.

# 4 WPBakery Page Builder

If you need changes or editing on your WordPress website WPBakery Page Builder The plugin will prove to be the best for you. If you take a premium theme then it comes free with it, otherwise you will have to buy it separately. Through this plugin, you can add something new to any section of your website.

# 5 AMP

New projects from google AMPAccording to Accelerated Mobile Pages, the content of your blog or website should be better for opening at a faster speed on mobile. This is because now the traffic on most of the website comes through mobile. To do this method, you will need the AMP Plugin. AMP Plugin Changes the page of the website to static and hinders page speed. Is the best plugin for bloggers.

# 6 Jetpack by WordPress.com

This is the best plugin to regularly monitor your website. Jetpack Through this, you can know how much and how the traffic came to your website. If your website is down for a while, it alerts you immediately via email. In addition, this plugin also monitors the security of your website as well as it is also ready to improve the speed of the website.

# 7 Akismet Anti-Spam

If your website or blog has an option of comments, then immediately install this plugin. Akismet Anti-Spam The plugin keeps the spam coming through the comments so that there is no harmful effect on your website. GDPR It has also been set for the new rule of the UK so that your blog is not against GDPR.

# 8 Smush Image Compression and Optimization

If your blog or website has been slowed down by a large image size, then this plugin will be the best option for you. Smush The plugin reduces the size of all images uploaded to your WordPress website in one go. Which makes your website open faster. Image Compress of this plugin does not have much impact on the image quality of your website.

# 9 UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

If you are also afraid of problems like your website or blog being down or hacked, then install this plugin on your WordPress. Updraftplus The plugin keeps taking automatic updates of your blog. Once you set it where you want to keep your backup and update it frequently, it keeps on doing its work continuously.

# 10 Really Simple SSL

If you want to secure your website from http to https, then you will need this plugin. You can also take SSL Certificate from anywhere but you have to change http in your website code to https otherwise SSL will not work. Really Simple SSL The plugin converts all http in your website’s code together to https. That makes your SSL work properly.

If you use WordPress, you can install all the above mentioned plugins one by one because they all have different functions. This makes your WordPress better. All the plugins mentioned above will go for almost free and will be available mostly on WordPress, you will not have to download anywhere else. Only you WPBakery Page Builder plugin will get you miles from another place or with the theme.

Friends, I hope you will like this article of ours today. Apart from all these plugins, if you have any best plugin, then tell us, we will also tell people about it. You can tell your answer in the comments below and also make this article even more accessible.

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