How to earn money online? Earning money online is also an easy way to increase your income. Being a high earning platform in a short span of time, it has become a very popular method of real income. I to you Online earning I am going to tell you about some popular methods.

How to earn money from online internet?

1. Self Public Book – Self Public Book

If you love writing, then many websites give money by writing an online book and get an opportunity to earn from its royalty. One of these websites is called Amazone Kindle Direct Publishing. Any online book can be written by putting it in the book store, on its selling you will get up to 70% of revenue.

2. Apps Business

Nowadays millions of apps are being made for smartphone and tablet. If you have an idea to make an app, then you can earn money from it too. For this, hire an App Developer to create your App and get it registered on Google Play, Apple, Microsoft’s Windows Store. If your App became very popular, then you can earn money by showing Google Ads.

3. Make Money with YouTube

YouTube is an online video sharing website. You can earn money by putting your original video on it. YouTube is Google’s website so you will need a Google account to sign-in on it. If you have a Google account, then go to YouTube and sign-in or create a new Google account.

After this, click the Upload button on the top right corner of YouTube and follow further instructions and upload your original video. You can also add your Adsense account to YouTube. Keep in mind that your video should be your own and not from any other side. Before showing YouTube Ads, test the originality and quality of your video.

After this, you will get money in exchange for showing ads on your video. If your video becomes viral on the internet, then you will get money from it.

4. Make money by selling online photo

If you are fond of photography, you can make it your profession. Websites with stock photos such as, and will pay you for your photos. For this, you have to submit your photo on them.

Then after that it will give you 60-85% of revenue on every sale. Keep in mind that the higher the quality of your photos, the more they will be sold.

5. Make money by selling old items online

In this, you can earn by selling the old stuff kept in your house online. Many websites allow you to give free ads for these old items. Photo of your old stuff,, And You can sell them online by putting them on. If you want to become an online retail seller of a new product then, Apply your seller application on etc.

6. Online works – Online works

Online is the best way to work on websites like and This website is popular worldwide. To work on these websites, one has to be expert in any work field (eg writing, data-entry etc.). To work on these websites, you first have to make yourself useful for the site by giving a test.

Once registered, you can increase your work position by doing different types of work on these sites. After the work is done, the hirer gives you money per / hour or in other ways.

7. E-Tutor

If you are expert in teaching any subject, then you can become an online tutor. These include websites like and Users can earn fat by registering on such a website and reading online.

8. Blogging and Google Adsense

You can also earn money by showing Ad on your website. Google Adsense is the most popular and reliable in the Ads market. You can place the ad being given by Google Adsense on your blog and on every click on that ads, Google will give you money. If you have not yet created a blog, go to and start your free blog and website.

You can also buy websites at, and Keep in mind that the more popular your website is, the more your earning will be. It will be very difficult to start, but you can make your website successful by giving time.

9. Online Captcha Entry

You can also earn money online through Online Captcha entry, but this is a very low paying method and you will have to work hard in them. Some Trusted Online Captcha entry sites are –,,

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