Earned $ 100 daily through Adsense?

After Adsense is approved, all Adsense publishers think how to increase the earning of Adsense. Everyone is engaged in the race to increase the earning of Adsense, earlier they were worried about not getting Adsense approval, and when Adsense has been approved, then they are worried because of not earning well.

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Especially the Indian blogger who has made his blog, he is always worried about his Adsense earning. Some Adsense publishers think that if you earn even $ 3.5 daily, then every month will be $ 100 and payment will continue to come every month.

The first goal of all Adsense publishers is how to earn $ 3.5 per day and this is the truth. You too must be wondering when your first Adsense payment will come.

Indians are of very calculative nature, they have the same calculation in mind that if a blog can earn 10 dollars, then 10 blogs will make $ 100, and secondly, it takes to make a third blog, And this is the reason why we pay less attention to our blog and more on our Adsense earning.

Today is our post title How to earn $ 100 daily through Adsense? I would like to ask you if this can happen, you should ask yourself this question, what do you think? Is it possible to earn 100 $ a day through Adsense? If your answer is No So tell yourself how much you can earn in a day through Adsense.

When someone says that $ 100 cannot be earned daily through Adsense, then I think that such people keep their limits by setting a limit, like I said the daily limit of a new Adsense publiser is $ 3.5, so that He could get Adsense payment every month.

It is a matter of thinking how far you want to take yourself and your blog, and how much your earning will be due to your blog. There is definitely a calculative mind inside everyone, which can only tell how much CPC, CTR and blog traffic should be if we want to earn well from our blog. So friends, you don’t have to worry now because today we are going to show you your future and today you will know how much CPC, CTR and page view should be to earn 100 $ in a day.

How to earn $ 100 a day through Adsense?

If you are earning $ 100 a day through Adsense, then it means that you are earning 6800 rupees a day, and 205647 rupees a month. Is not very easy calculation, means that you will earn more than 2 lakh rupees in a month.

But to earn 100 $ a day in a day, you should know about some of the words of Adsense and blogging, these are 3 main words-

If you are an Adsense publisher then you must have known about these three, let us tell you about these three in a brief.

CPC – CPC means cost per click, that is, if someone clicks on your Adsense ad, you will get how many dollars.

CTR – CTR means click through rate, it is stated in value percentage. Suppose 1000 people saw an ad in your blog and 30 of them clicked on your ad, then your CTR will be 3%, i.e. 3% of the visitors to your blog clicked on your Adsense ad.

Blog Traffic – This means how many page views are there in your blog daily.

Now you must have understood what these three main words mean. You can check your CPC and CTR from your Adsense account and monitor your blog traffic through Google analytic.

Now let’s show you how to earn 100 $ in a day.

By looking at the picture above, you can guess what the condition should be in order to earn $ 100 daily through Adsense. If your Adsense CPC is 0.01 $ and CTR is 3% then your blog should have 3 lakh 33 thousand daily traffic, and if CTR is 5% then your blog should have 2 lakh visitors daily.

When it comes to Adsense CPC, most Adsense publiser with Adsense CPC 0.01 and 0.02 quit blogging. Because they need a lot of traffic to earn well, and due to less blog traffic, they get demotivate and do not pay attention to their blog.

You can understand that if your Adsense CPC is 0.01 or 0.02, then how much traffic will you need to earn 100 $ daily.

You can make a clear idea through the above picture that if CPC is good, then earning will also be good, just we have to increase the traffic of our blog. But CPC is not good, so unless you do not increase the traffic of the blog, your earning will also not increase. Overall to earn 100 $ daily, your blog should have huge traffic and CPC should also be good.

If you talk about Indian blogger who have made their blog, then their Adsense CPC is between 0.01 to 0.07, and if your Hindi blog has averagely Adsense CPC 0.04 and CTR is 5%, then you have to earn $ 100 daily. 50000 blog traffic will be required, ie 50000 page views.

As I said that with a calculative mind you can guess your future earning, through our given earning chart you can assume how much blog traffic you will need to earn 100 $ per day, and you Work on your blog accordingly.

Now you may think that the blog’s CPC is good but how to increase blog traffic? For this you will always have to write high quality content on your blog and if you publish 200 high quality content on your blog and that post ranks well on the search engine, then I can claim that your blog The daily traffic will be more than 50000.

Today’s post is dedicated to all those bloggers brothers / sisters who are not happy with their Adsense earning and are sitting in the hope that one day they will earn well with Adsense. I will tell all those bloggers that hard work never goes waste, everything changes with time. Just do not set your earning limit by thinking about earning in blogging, think positive ..


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