How to create backlink via Comment? Right way

The best way to interact with the blog owner is to comment in their blog post. You can create a backlink to your blog by commenting in a blog post. Friends, today you will know how to create a backlink through a comment and what is the right way to comment.

But if you do not know what a backlink is, then first you read this article, so that you get all the information related to the backlink – what is a backlink?

If you want to improve the traffic of your blog, then you should make a backlink through a comment. But apart from making backlink, you have many advantages from it, you will also know about it today.

So let’s first tell you how to create a backlink through a comment.

How to create a backlink via Comment?



1. When you comment in a blog post, you have to write your comment in the comment box.

2. Name Instead of writing your name.

3. Email Instead of writing your email address.

4. Website Instead of writing the URL of your blog. Basically you will also see the comment box to win, there is an option to add website in it, and because of this you can create a backlink for your blog. All you have to do is enter the URL of your blog. After doing so Post Comment Please click on

Your comment will start appearing in the blog post after approval. When you comment, that comment remains pending and your comment is not visible until the blog owner approves your comment. Suppose you have commented in one of our blog posts and your comment has also been approved, now you will think how to know if the backlink has been received through the comment or not, so let us tell you about it too.


You can see in the picture above that shachin luja Ji has commented in our blog, if you shachin luja If you click on the name, you shachin luja Will go to Zee’s blog. This means that whenever you comment in someone else’s blog and enter your blog URL, after the comment is approved, the URL of your blog gets attached to your name, and whenever someone clicks on your name. If it does, it goes on your blog.

If nothing happens after clicking on your name, then you should understand that the URL you had added through the comment has been removed by the blog owner, due to which you have not received backlink.

The blog owner has full authority to reject, edit or modify your comment. Mostly this happens to us that when we comment on someone’s blog to make backlink, then our comment gets approved but we do not get backlink. The only reason for this is that the blog owner has removed our blog URL from our comment.

If you have to create a backlink through a comment, then there is a way to do this, by following which you will also get a backlink and the traffic of your blog will also improve. So let’s tell you what should be the way to comment.

How to Comment

When you comment on a blog post, you give your thoughts about the blog post through your comment, like – Very good, very good article, thanks for sharing and if you have to ask anything, then you also ask through comment.

Now you tell what kind of comment you make, do you share your thoughts or ask some questions through the comment. Most people share their views in a comment of a blog post and there are very few who ask questions.

All you have to do is ask questions along with ideas in your comment. When you share your thoughts and questions together in your comment, your comment becomes impressive, and the expectation of getting backlink for your blog increases considerably.

Now you know what to write in a comment, but to make a backlink through a comment, you must pay attention to some points, like –

  • Read the post thoroughly before commenting, so that you do not ask anything in the comment that is already in the post.
  • Do not short comment.
  • But anyone’s attention is lost and visitors come to your blog through comments.
  • Comment on the same niche blog. If your blog topic is health, then you comment only on health blog, no you will take a lot of time to make a comment backlink.
  • If you ask some questions through a comment, then you definitely get the answer, just you have to track your comment and say thanks when you get the answer.
  • Do not add a link to your comment, you just have to write your blog URL in the website text box itself.

This is the master way to comment, if you make a long comment instead of a short comment, then your comment gets approved and you also get a backlink.

But not only this, the biggest benefit you get from commenting is that the blog owner also becomes your fan. Suppose you are a regular visitor of our blog and you always comment on our blog, then obviously I will be your fan, because blog is incomplete without visitor and blog owner without regular visitor.

Today I want to promote blogger brothers who like our blog through this blog post and they have been associated with us ever since I created this blog.

I want to name these three bloggers because I want to tell you through my blog post what is the benefit of always being in touch on a popular blog. Now you must have understood that you do get backlink by commenting, but apart from this you also get support from other blogs which greatly helps any blogger to become a successful blogger.

We sincerely hope that our post today will have been helpful for you, if you have any question related to blogging then you must comment us.

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