In our previous article we told you What is PhonePe app and how to create an account on PhonePe Told about it. In this article I will tell you in detail about how to earn money from PhonePe app, so that you can earn money from PhonePe as much as possible. Indeed, the LOOT offer is running on the PhonePe app. Have you ever seen an app commissioning Refer / Invite for Rs 100. If you have not seen it, then there is nothing to see now and earn a lot of money together.

Along with referral commission on PhonePe, CashBack for payment on Flipkart, Cashback on money transfer, Cashback on mobile recharge, Cashback on paying electric bill. There are many other cashback offers going on PhonePe, which I will tell you about in this article.

How to make money with PhonePe App? How to earn from PhonePe?

How to earn money through PhonePe App?  How to earn from PhonePe?

You can earn cashback and Referral money only when you get to know fully in the phone app app. If you do not understand the PhonePe app completely, then you may not be able to earn well from PhonePe. Here, I will tell you about all those offers of PhonePe app from where you can make money. To earn cashback from any offers, you have to follow some terms and conditions. If you do not follow all the terms and conditions correctly then you will not get less cashback.

There are a lot of ways on which we can earn money on the PhonePe app. Below I have explained all the ways by which you can earn.

1. Earn Rs 100 by downloading PhonePe App

To make money with the PhonePe app, you must first call the PhonePe app download Will have to setup Download the PhonePe app below link I am giving you click on it and download the PhonePe app. If you download the PhonePe app from the link given below, you will get a cashback of Rs 100.

Download PhonePe App

To get cashback, you have to do the first transaction through UPI by linking your bank account with PhonePe app. There is nothing to worry that PhonePe app is as safe and secure as BHIM and TEZ app. In the first transaction, you can also do mobile recharge, bill payment and money transfer, but you have to pay through UPI only.

2. Send money through UPI and get 50% cashback

This offer is very simple. In this offer, you have to send money to a PhonePe user and you will get a cashback of 100 rupees. On sending money, you will get a total of 5 time cashback. First time you have to send 200 rupay or more to any PhonePe user, in this you will get a cashback of 100 rupees. If you transfer money from the second to the fifth time, you will get a cashback of Rs 50. Every time you have to send money to different people.

If there is no PhonePe user near you, then send me an amount of 200 rupees or less. Do not panic, I will return you your money. This will give you one more benefit, if you download the PhonePe app from my given download link and send me 200 rupees then I will give you 200 + 20 = 220 rupees. And on PhonePe app you will get Rs 100 cashback separately. Below I am sharing my PhonePe ID, if you trust me, then send money via PhonePe to the UPI ID given below.

UPI Id- acchibaat @ ybl

3. Make Money by Referring PhonePe App

When you refer / share the PhonePe app, you get 100 rupees. Have you ever heard that you get a commission of 100 rupees for referring an app. Google can also reduce commission of 50 rupees by referring its payment app TEZ. You don’t have to do much for it. All you have to do is share a link. After this, whenever someone clicks on your link and installs the PhonePe app and uses the PhonePe app, then 100 rupees will be added to your PhonePe wallet.

4. Recharge mobile and get cashback through PhonePe

On PhonePe you also get cashback on mobile recharge. You get 100% cashback on mobile recharge from PhonePe app on first recharge (up to Rs 50) and on second recharge you get 30% cashback (up to Rs 30).

5. Pay electric bill and get cashback

But you get 100% cashback (up to Rs 100). You will get this cashback only on the first 3 electric bill payment. If you use postpaid sim, then you can get 10% cashback by paying postpaid bill from PhonePe.

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