Complete information on how to earn money from Affiliate Program. If you want to join an Affiliate Program through your blog and want to earn money through Affiliate Program, then our article today will prove to be very helpful for you. Affiliate marketing you can use your social network like Facebook, WhatsApp Can also be done through Instagram. But if you have a blog created then there is a lot of benefit of doing affiliate marketing. Let us tell you about Affiliate marketing and how it remains a benefit for a blog.


What is Affiliate Marketing?

Today all the top online shopping websites sell their products to the people at low prices and they need the seller to increase the sales of their product, and through affiliate program they increase the sales of their product. You can sell their products by joining Affiliate Program of any online shopping website. After joining Affiliate Program you have to do Affiliate marketing.

Through affiliate marketing, you promote their product and when someone buys any of their product through you, you get its commission.

note : In affiliate marketing, you earn only when a product is sold. Your earnings depend on the price of the product you promote. Suppose you have sold a laptop which costs 45 thousand rupees, then you will get its commission, about 1000-4000 rupees. This means that the price of the product you are promoting depends on how much your earnings will be.

How does affiliate marketing benefit for the blog?

If you want to do affiliate marketing on your blog, then you can do this through your blog. But it is very important to pay attention to some things, such as how is the content of your blog, how is the subject of the blog. If the topic of the blog is related to fashion then you can earn money by doing affiliate marketing related to fashion on your blog.

But doing affiliate marketing through a blog is not as easy, you have to follow some guidelines so that you can do affiliate marketing through your blog.

How To Make Money With Affiliate Program?

It is clear that you want to earn money by joining Affiliate Program through your blog. But before doing affiliate marketing, you have to take care of some things so that you can earn good money through Affiliate. Today we will tell you some tips which you can do affiliate marketing in your blog by following.

1. Understand the topic of your blog

It is very important that you do affiliate marketing of the same product that your Blog topics Be related to Suppose your blog Health topics If you are associated with fashion blog and poster on your blog, can you earn through Affiliate marketing? No, so first of all you associated with Affiliate Program which is related to the topic of your blog.

Many bloggers promote products on their blog that are not related to their blog and this is why it spreads in Affiliate marketing. You can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing, but you also have to understand the topic of your blog.

The blog whose topic is related to only one topic, they can earn very easily through Affiliate marketing.

According to the topic of your blog, you should be associated with Affiliate Program and promote their product on your blog, but before promoting you have to understand the mindset of visitors to your blog.

2. Understand the mindset of visitors to your blog

To earn from affiliate marketing, you must first understand the mindset of the visitors coming to your blog. Every blog has a top 10 post, which gets the most visitors to read. First of all, you will have to study your top 10 posts which have the highest traffic. And one has to understand the mindset of the visitors coming to his blog.

When you are clear about what visitors to your blog want, then according to them you can promote affiliate marketing by promoting the product.

3. Provide Product Review

To become the king of affiliate marketing, you have to give a review of the product. You will find many blogs online that do affiliate marketing by giving product reviews and their earnings are also very high. Therefore, according to the topic of your blog, you should review the products that are related to your blog. Write articles about him, explain its benefits. your Article impressive Should be so that people buy the product.

As I said, you have to understand the visitors who come to your blog and choose the product according to them and do affiliate marketing. Suppose your blog is related to fashion and beauty, then it is obvious that visitors to your blog come to get information about fashion and beauty. In such a situation, if you write a post about fashion and beauty products on your blog and tell about it, then people will definitely want to buy those products.

And if the product is sold then you will also earn. So it is very important that you publish a product review article on your blog.

Today most people want to know the review of that product before buying anything. Suppose you have to buy a smartphone, what will you do first? You will search about it on the internet, see the review, and also want to know about their alternative smartphone.

If you assume that you give a review, alternative, and specification about all smart phones on your blog, then you can earn a lot of money through affiliate marketing. Because today everyone definitely reads his review on the internet before buying mobile and in such a situation if someone comes to your blog and he likes your post then he will definitely be inspired to buy the product. Which will earn you.

This was an example but you Health Blog, Tech blog, motivational blog, relationship blog You can also earn money through affiliate marketing.

4. Gain trust between you and your visitor

If the visitors who visit your blog trust you, then they will also want to buy your mentioned product. It takes a lot of time for a blog to be reliable and that is why it takes time to earn from affiliate marketing. The time it takes for a blog to become popular and trustworthy, the more time it will take you to earn from affiliate marketing.

You should always focus on your content and visitors, first you create a trust bonding between your visitors and yourself. When people start trusting you, you can do affiliate marketing through your blog.

5. Affiliate marketing not a day’s work

If you want to earn through affiliate marketing, then you have to modify your blog according to the affiliate. Meaning that you write articles about affiliate product, promote, make videos etc. Overall you will have to write the content of your blog according to the affiliate product.

Many people put banner and poster of Affiliate product on their blog and in few days they do not get good response, then they quit Affiliate marketing. Always remember one thing that doing affiliate marketing does not mean that you will start earning well from day one.

You have to give time in affiliate marketing, 3 months, 6 months or one year time. You cannot get rich overnight through Affiliate. So you have to be patient.

Friends, these were some important things that every affiliate marketer applies on his blog. You too, if you want to do affiliate marketing through a blog, then you will also have to follow these points. you-

  • Have to understand the topic of your blog.
  • Understand the mindset of visitors.
  • Give a product review.
  • Build confidence
  • Give time

This is the way to succeed in affiliate marketing. But there are some questions and concerns related to affiliated marketing, like-

What is the difference between Affiliated marketing and Adsense?

Adsense I get paid for clicking on Ad, but in Affiliate marketing, you do not get the money for clicking, but you get commission on selling the product. And the commission depends on the price of the product.

Who is better at both Affiliated marketing and Adsense?

Whereas in Adsense you get paid for clicks, in afflicted marketing you get paid for selling products. Suppose a product is sold through you which costs Rs 5000, then you will get commission of Rs 300 to 1000. Suppose you sell the same product to 50 people in a month, then you will earn 15000 to 50000 rupees. Is not beneficial

But those who use Adsense also earn money through Adsense, there are no two opinions about it. But through affiliate marketing you can lose a lot of money.

Affiliate marketing and Adsense are both better in their respective places. If you are maintaining a blog, then you cannot earn much money through Affiliate marketing, because blog readers do not like to buy products online. Because most visitors studying belong to India and everyone is afraid to shop online in India.

Can Affiliated and Adsense be used together?

Yes! You can do this Google Adsense allows affiliate marketing. You can also do affiliate marketing using Adsense ad on your blog. But by doing this, visitors will get confused about which product you are promoting. So whenever you use Adsense and Affiliate marketing together, keep Adsense ad separate from the post content.

So this article of our day How To Make Money With Affiliate Program? How did you like, tell us through comments, friends, in the next post we will tell you about amazon, flipkart, snapdeal, ebay and many online Affiliate Program. If you have any doubt in your mind then you must ask through comments.

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