5 best professional twitter management tools

Today I give you 5 best professionals for a social media site Twitter Twitter management tool I am going to tell you about First of all, let’s talk about why it is needed? Let me tell you that users on Twitter are the fastest growing in India. Nowadays all celebrities are active on Twitter, whose millions remain followers. Those millions followers Such tools have been made to handle it which makes it easier.

Let me say for example, a few years ago when Jio was distributing free SIM, so many phone calls started coming to him that it was difficult to answer them all. In such a situation, his service started to be questioned, then an idea came to his mind that we all Service and Complaints Will Solve via Twitter My own experience has been through Twitter Problem solution Was made.

Must read in your news too Indian Railways How to correct the complaint of your passengers as soon as you tweet.

Now the question arises that how are so many followers managed? For this Social media managers Is hired. They have knowledge of many such tools. Let me tell you for confidence that I myself have been a social media manager. And I have many more followers on Twitter. So let’s now know about the 5 professional tools of Twitter-

# 1 Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck overview

This is the best tool made by Twitter. It has been made to respond immediately to complaints on Twitter. Its biggest feature is that you can set its dashboard according to your own and all the boards are updated real time. Social media managers of most companies Tweetdeck Use only

#2 Hootsuite

There is no option of post schedule like Facebook page on Twitter. Most companies tweet 3-4 content a day to make their Twitter profile active. All these tweets are done when the tweet has more engagement. In this case, no human can tweet at the daily right time. So this Hootsuite Use Through HootSuite, you can schedule the tweet (post) on your Twitter to be tweet (post) for the upcoming date and time.

# 3 Followerwonk


This is the best tool to find your competitor on Twitter. Just like finding your competitor on SEO and making a good keyword from it, similarly on Twitter, the competitor is also found by increasing its followers. Moz With this tool, you can find many things, as you can see from this, who has the most followers in your city.

# 4 Unfollowerstats

It is the best tool among the free tools to follow lots of relevant and active users on Twitter. If you follow the daily active user through this tool, then they will surely follow you. This will create many followers on your profile. Your Twitter profile will look like a celebrity. If you have a lot of following on your Twitter account, then through this tool you can unfollow only those people who have not followed you. Unfollowerstats But you can also see your best tweet on which the highest engagement has come.

# 5 Statusbrew

Statusbrew a best Social media management tool Is This is very helpful for Twitter. Here you will find many options like content schedule, keyword search, follow growth. On this, you can search a lot of users on your keywords, which you can follow. Statusbrew With the tool, you can also unfollow followers by finding them.

Friends, these are the tools that nowadays Digital marketing, online marketing Social media management Used in companies like By which you can also use and teach a lot.

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