What is admob? Whats is Admob? You will definitely want to know the answer to this question. Today’s article has been written to answer all your questions related to this Admob. If you want to know about Google Admob, then you must also know how to earn through Admob?


You can earn very well through Admob, but you should know about it. So let’s first know what is Google Admob?

What is Google Admob?

The name of Google Admob shows that it is a service of Google itself. You must be using Google to search for something, if you need information about something, then you search by writing something in Google.

Google gives us the answers to all our questions, with this we can also reduce money through google. There are 3 ways to earn money through Google –

  1. Youtube
  2. Blogging
  3. Mobile Application

If you also have knowledge about one of these three things, then you can earn good sitting at home through Google.

You must have seen many videos in Youtube, sometimes you have noticed that when the video starts then advertisement (advertisement) is shown in that video. These advertisements are provided by Google itself.

You must have seen in many websites that advertisements are also shown in them, and these ads are also shown from google.

And speaking of the application, if you install an app in your mobile, then the advertisement also appears in it, and this advertisement is also shown by Google itself.

Overall if you want to earn through google, then you must have a website, youtube channel or a mobile application of your own.

All the advertisements that appear in the mobile application are due to Admob. Admob works to show ads in mobile application. Suppose you have created a mobile application of your own, then you can put ad in that application through Admob. And when someone will install your application in their mobile, then they will be shown ads through the application.

If you see the advertisement in the application, then it will be clicked and you will also earn on clicking Now the question comes that how to create your own application and how to register in Admob? So let’s first know how to register in Admob?

How to register in Google Admob?

Registering in Google Admob is very easy, you get approval as soon as you register. And you can place your Admob ads in your application within a minute. If you want to register in admob, then follow the step given below.

step 1

To register in Google admob, you must have a gmail id and password. If you have a gmail id and password, then you can register in Admob very easily, and if not, then you should first read the article below and create your gmail account.

first of all https://admob.google.com/home/ go to the website and Sign up Click on.

What is Google Admob?  How to earn through this?

Sign up After clicking on it, through your gmail id and password Sign up Have to do.

Step – 2

What is Google Admob?  How to earn through this?

1. Country or territory – Here you have to select your state name.
2. Time Zone – Select the time zone of your state, as you can see in the image above that I have selected Kolkata. If I live in India, my time zone is Kolkata. If you also live in India, then you have to select Kolkata here.
3. Billing currency – Here you US Dollar to select.

What is Google Admob?  How to earn through this?

4. Terms and conditions Check mark

Step – 3

What is Google Admob?  How to earn through this?

1. In sabhi option NO select.

Step – 4

What is Google Admob?  How to earn through this?

1. Enter your mobile number Whatever you put your mobile number, put a country code in front of it.
2. Select the text message.
3. CONTINUE Click on.

Step – 5

What is Google Admob?  How to earn through this?

1. A PIN will come in the mobile number you gave. You check the massage of your mobile and enter the PIN given in the message.
2. VERIFY Click on.

Step – 6

What is Google Admob?  How to earn through this?

Just by doing this your Admob registration will be completed. CONTINUE TO ADMOB Click on. Now you can generate advertising code by going to your ADMOB home and earning it by applying that code in your application.

So friends, you must have now understood how easy it is to create an account in Admob. But there must be a doubt in your mind that you have created an account in Admob, now how to make an application? So let us also clear your doubt.

How to make your own mobile application?

Creating a mobile application is very easy. You can create your own application as you wish. By the way, a software is required to make a mobile application, and to make an application through software, knowledge of HTML, JavaScript and programming is also necessary.

But you do not need to take tension because there are many websites online through which you can make your own application very easily. I also make an app through online website. The name of the website through which I create an app is gold.appybuilder.com

Through this website you can make a very good app, that too for free. Just you have to go to this website and login through your gmail id and password.

gold.appybuilder.com You will find information on how to create an app in the website. And we are going to give a tutorial about it soon.

So friends, how did you feel about our article today? Tell us through a comment or if you want to ask us something, you can ask. THANKS

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