What to do after creating a blog on BlogSpot?

If you have created your blog in blogger.com, then you must be confusing what to do now, in fact the same happens with every new blogger, they do create their own blog but they are a little confuse that now start from where to be done. Today we are going to tell you about this What to do after creating a blog on Blogspot?

On the Internet, you will find many such guides that work to guide you after creating a blog, everyone says that after designing a blog, first design your blog. If you start designing your blog as soon as you make it, then I can say with 100% claim that you will get confused and your blog itself will confuse you.

It happens that in order to design a blog it is necessary to have some posts, pages and categories in the blog so that when you design your blog, you can know what your blog looks like and if there is nothing in your blog, right There is no post, nor is there any page, then you cannot design your blog. So friends, let us tell you what to do after creating a blog on blogspot (blogger). Step by step guide.

What to do after creating a blog on BlogSpot?

1. Publish at least 8 posts

The first thing after creating a blog is that you publish at least 8 posts on your blog. After publishing 8 posts, when you look at your blog, you will get a clear view of how your blog looks now, that is, your blog has content. Read the post below for reference.

2. Create an important page

Create important pages in your blog like – About us page, Privacy policy page, Contact Us page or sitemap page. All these pages tell visitors about your blog and it is very important to have all these pages. Like in the About us page you have to write about your blog and tell visitors why and how you created this blog. Read the post below for reference.

3. Change Theme

After publishing 8 posts and important pages, you should change the theme of your blog, because the default theme in the blog is that you do not know how to give your blog a professional look, and so to give your blog a professional look, you have given the theme of the blog. Will have to change. We have already written a post about how to download the best theme for Blogger Blog, you can read it.

But before selecting the theme, you have to take care of some things like-

  • Theme must be responsive
  • Theme must be SEO friendly
  • Use fast loading theme
  • use simple theme
  • Avoid using the theme of news, or magazine, because the loading time of such theme is very high, due to which it will take a lot of time to open your blog.

Keeping all these things in mind, change the theme.

4. Customize Theme

After changing the theme of your blog, you have to customize your theme, that is, you have to design your theme. First of all make a nice logo and favicon for your blog and put it on your blog.

Edit your menu bar and win on the blog also have main categories and pages, link them in the menu.

Add navigation widget to the sidebar like – category widget, recent post widget and popular post widget.

Add about us widget and subscription widget to the footer. You can design your blog according to yourself, you can give your blog the look you want. But do not design your blog in such a way that it starts to look like –

  • Do not use too bright color and too light color.
  • Do not use the image in the background, due to this the loading time of your blog may be longer.
  • Make your blog logo small and impressive. Many people put a big logo on their blog which takes up a lot of space, do not do this.
  • Do not use useless widgets, such as – Stats widgets, feature post widgets etc.
  • Keep the font size or text size of your blog so that anyone can read it easily. Text size should not be too small and too big.

You can read the post below for reference.

5. Submit your blog to Search Engine

You can do this step even after creating a blog. Submitting your blog to the search engine means that we should tell our blog about the search engine such as Google, Yahoo and Bing which posts are on our blog so that the search engine will post our blog in our search result. could show

We have already told about submitting your blog on search engine in your previous post, you read it-

6. Link your blog with Google Analytic

Google Analytic is a free service from Google that tells you about the visitors to your blog, with the help of Google Analytic you can find out how many visitors to your blog daily and how many page views on your blog is. With this, you can monitor the visitors coming to your blog, so that you can know what you read the most on the blog.

7. Publish Post to Your Blog Daily

The main task you have to do on your blog is that you always keep publishing by writing a few posts, so that your typing and writing can improve. Anyway, without writing on the blog, you cannot succeed. So always you have to focus on one thing is writing.

When you start blogging regularly and publish new posts on your blog, your writing skills will also develop along with your knowledge improving.

Most people make their own blogs and they think that only after publishing some posts, traffic will start coming in the blog, but this does not happen. You will always have to keep your blog updated, that is to publish new posts always. I wrote a post about when does blogging really begin? You must read this post so that the doubts related to blogging in your mind goes away and you can make yourself capable that you can write a new post on your blog.

8. Write Better and Impressive Blog Post

Always try that every post you write is better than all the posts on the Internet. Suppose you are writing a post titled ” Treatment of headache “So first of all search this title on the internet and you can see the winning in the top search result, read their post on the website. This will improve your knowledge and you will understand what you will write in your post so that it becomes the best and impressive.

Better and impressive posts become popular very soon and also start to rank well on the search engine. Due to which the traffic of the blog improves.

9. After publishing the blog post, share it on social network

As soon as the post is published, that post does not show on the search engine, so you should share your new post on your social network so that you can get your social traffic, that is, you also have friends to win in your social networks like Facebook and whatsapp. To read on your blog.

Traffic on the new blog comes with little to do and if we share our new post on our social network, then we get social traffic which works to inspire us. Blog posts on the search engine may take several days, several weeks or even several months to arrive.

10. Try to understand the basics of SEO

SEO means search engine optimize. You have to write your blog post in such a way so that the search engine can understand your blog post easily and when the search engine understands your post well then it will rank your blog post well.

SEO is not as difficult as it seems, you just have to understand the basic concept of SEO. We have published many posts related to SEO, for reference you read the post below.

11. Use Custom Domain

You will know that the blog that you have created contains the URL of blogspot.com and buy a domain to remove this blogspot.com.

It is not necessary that you set a custom domain in your blog, that is, buy a domain name and replace it with your blog URL. But if you do this then your blog will look like a professional blog. If blogspot.com remains in any blog URL, then it will be confuse what kind of URL it is. And people will also have problems remembering it.

If you are interested in blogging and your post writing skill has developed, then you should buy a domain for your blog and replace it with your blog URL.

Now you have fully understood what to do and when to do it after creating a blog. If you liked our post today and today you have learned something new, then do let us know through comments.

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